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"You are a true food artist.  With admiration and many thanks."

Barbra Streisand

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    Day 1


    Scrambled eggs, bacon, english muffin, fruit salad


    Tomato soup, toasty sandwiches, green bean and beet salad, Potato salad, Mixed green salad balsamic vinaigrette


    Shrimp, grits, bacon shrimp sauce, pineapple salsa/grilled veggies


    Day 2


    Smoothies, hot oatmeal


    French onion soup and gruyere croutons, humus, pita, roasted peppers, yogurt tzaziki, grilled onions, seasoned tomatoes, grated carrots with lemon, garlic and herbs, Polenta strips, mixed green salad, citrus wedges, raisins, roasted almonds


    seared scallops, cous cous salad, Roasted asparagus, crab rangoons w/ chili sauce


    Day 3


    French toast, sausage, potato tots


    Butternut squash soup, smoked salmon and mushroom pancakes, arugula, sesame, lemon broccoli, Caesar salad


    Turkey, whole/breast, mashed potatoes, blanched carrot salad, sautéed snow peas, cranberry sauce, sausage stuffing


    Day 4


    Yogurt Parfait


    Cream of broccoli soup, BLT’s, Tomato Mozz/cucumber salad, corn, scallions/mixed green salad, grilled chicken, raisens, apples, ranch dressing


    Pasta Bolognaise, Garlic bread, buttered peas and carrots, artichokes, aioli, arugula


    Day 5


    Pancakes, bacon, poached eggs


    Quiche, apple, raisin, lemon, salad, orzo salad, basil, onion, peppers, roasted potatoes, roasted leeks, cheese, sliced meats, mixed greens, tons of veggies, yogurt dill dressing


    Grilled, shell on, prawns, potatoes Millington, roasted tomatoes, chick pea salad


    Day 6


    Crepes with berries


    Make your own turkey sandwich, fresh bread, coleslaw, potato salad, pickles, mixed green salad, eggs, tomatoes, olives


    Day 7


    Breakfast burritos, fruit salad


    Carrot curry soup, cheeseburgers, LTO tray, bacon, fries, orange wedges, mixed green salad, blanched asparagus, other veggies etc, sundried tomato vinaigrette


    Prime Rib, roasted potatoes, roasted carrots, celery and onions, meat jus, horsey sauce, greens


    Day 8


    Yogurt Parfait


    Tuna and egg salad sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, curried chickpea salad, grilled sweet potato chips


    Asian skirt steak bowl, jasmine rice, pickled veggies, tempura vegetable


    Day 9  


    Poached eggs, sweet potato pancakes, hollandaise sauce


    Chicken quesadilla, chili, cornbread, sour cream, cheddar, guacamole, salsa, mango salad, jalapeno vinaigrette


    Seafood enpapillote, cold Asian noodle salad, sticky rice, edamame


    Day 10  


    Homemade oatmeal


    Wings, fries, blue cheese dressing, celery sticks, apples chunks tossed with sugar and cinnamon, Caesar salad


    Shrimp and pineapple kabobs, rice pilaf, carrot, red onion and cilantro salad


    Day 11  


    Frittata, sausage links, fruit


    Cream of leek soup, king crabcakes, remoulade, grilled veggie kabobs, roasted squash, with sage and ginger, Israeli cous cous, grilled corn salad with green beans and tomatoes, red wine vinegarette


    Lobster cream pasta, grilled tomatoes, grilled asparagus, garlic rolls


    Day 12  


    Crab eggs benedict, fruit


    Thai bake chicken, bok choy, rice cakes, fried wanton garnish, zuccini, seared tuna salad niscoise


    Day 13  


    Scrambled eggs, bacon, English muffins


    Shrimp curry soup, ceviche, asian style corn salad, cold ginger noodle salad, mixed green salad, tomatoes, edamame, sesame dressing


    Chicken curry, rice, julienne veggies, popodams


    Day 14  


    Yogurt parfait


    Chicken breast sandwiches, coleslaw, oven potato crisps, LTO, baby spinach salad, apple-pear bacon vinaigrette


    Lasagna, garlic bread, broccoli