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    April 5, 2011

    San Diego


    To Whom It May Concern:


    This is a letter of support for Chef Brennan Dates.


    I first met Brennan back in 2001 and over the years we have kept in contact.


    Brennan has always expressed a keen interest in our nonprofit YachtAid Global.  


    During January of 2010 we hatched the idea of our first formal event which was held on February 17, 2011 in Miami.  250 people attended.


    Brennan volunteered his time to handle all aspects of the food for the event including soliciting numerous provisioning agencies to donate close to $4,000 dollars of product and equipment.


    He also recruited a team of talented volunteer chefs, who spent several days pre planning and prepping for the event.  Brennan was on top of every detail that was needed for proper execution.


    Brennan is an outstanding chef with an admirable work ethic and can do attitude.


    I can be contacted at  or  619-xxx-8695 if necessary.


    Best regards

    Captain Mark Drewelow


    YachtAid Global



    To Whom It May Concern,

    I have had the pleasure of working with Brennan Dates on the Positive Carry.  We worked on a boat with a crazy program and Brennan was able to pull off the seemingly insurmountable tasks.  There were last minute trips, dinner crashers and 100 person parties, amongst other challenges that were thrown our way.  Brennan always kept his composure and won the culinary battles he faced.


    Brennan dates was not only a good chef, he was also a great team member.  He was always able to give a helping hand.  Whether leaving the dock, docking or general help around the boat he was not afraid to help.  He also stood watches on the longer trips.


    Brennan got along with the other crewmembers.  He was very easy going and we were all friends on and off the boat. Many nights we spent in the gym playing basketball or racquetball as a crew during down time.  To this day many of the old crew still talk and see each other when in the same port. 


    His passion for cooking is what stands out about Brennan.  He is constantly trying to improve a dish or to slightly tweak it to satisfy a picky eater.  He is very good at listening to the needs of the guests and constantly strives to please them.


    I highly recommend Brennan Dates and know that he would be an asset to any program.  His upbeat nature and pleasant disposition help to keep the crew and guests smiling.  Whether it’s a large party or an intimate gathering, Brennan will not disappoint.


    Capt. Whitney Reiter


    November 13, 2010

    RE: Brennan Dates, chef

    To whom it may Concern,


    We met Brennan aboard M/Y Never Say Never which we had chartered.  He was the Chef on board for our one-week charter.  He spoiled us with his food and hospitality.  Brennan made us extremely comfortable and fielded any culinary questions that we had for him.  So much so, that I offered to fly him down to the Cayman Islands to help set up a Café that I was opening that year.


    Brennan was our Consulting Executive Chef. He oversaw all food operations and catering operations.  He dealt directly with the food and was responsible for food costs, labor, inventory, personnel hiring, firing, training, and all other matters pertinent to the food and catering operations at Perk Up.


    Chef Brennan was in direct supervision of over 10 employees.  These included service staff, line cooks, baristas, and late night prep cooks.


    Chef Brennan is a very “hands-on” Chef and very conscientious about overseeing the entire food operation. He is a very “people” oriented chef and could often be seen at the cash register welcoming and talking to our customers. Brennan is very enthusiastic and a hard worker who was very efficient at running the food operations. In a few short months he had earned the confidence of me, employees and customers alike.


    Brennan was truly a great asset to our company and always went out of his way to measure up to our expectations.  I would recommend him to anyone looking for a qualified, enthusiastic chef, which cares a great deal about food and the people around him.

    Gloria McGonnell





                                                   PO Box 999 GT, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands 345-xxx-7375





    3375 PARK AVE, SUITE 3006

    WANTAGH, NY 1 1793

    954 5XX‑8299 





    To Whom it may Concern:


    Brennan Dates was employed as a chef on a freelance basis onboard M/V Blue Horizon III for the summer of 2001. He joined Blue Horizon III in Ft Lauderdale in May travelling with the yacht to New York, New England and Maine. Completing his obligation in September when the vessel returned to Ft Lauderdale.


    During this time Brennan was responsible for provisioning and meals for 6 guests as well as crew for 7 day charters and corporate dinner/cocktail cruises with as many as 40 guests. We were able to indulge in a variety of menus due to Brennan's culinary expertise and he had no problem changing the menus at a moments notice to suit our guest's needs. We were always pleased with his performance and our guests frequently commented on Brennan's outstanding meals and excellent presentation.


    Brennan was always happy to help out with other boat duties as needed and proved to be a valuable member of our crew, who you could depend on to finish any task given him.


    I have no hesitation to recommend Brennan to any future employer and please feel free to contact me should you have any questions about his time onboard Blue Horizon III.




    Trevor Weaver