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    Charles R. Mascali

    49 Lost District Drive

    New Canaan, C T 96848


    August 9, 2001


    Monitoring & Evaluation Services, Inc.

    3375 Park Ave. Suite 30(16

    Wantagh, N Y 11793

    Attn: Mr. Jack Renck


    Dear Mr, Renck,


    I recently had the opportunity to spend one week with my wife, Linda, aboard "Blue Horizon.  We were invited by our daughter and son in law, Stacey and Ziad AtTurki, to join them with their two children. Once aboard we were ail very impressed with the condition and appearance of the ship, The staterooms, salon and bridge were all very comfortable. The best part of our week was the crew that catered to our every need. The entire crew was very professional, courteous and concerned of any needs we might have, first and foremost was safety. The children were also well attended to by all. I have had some experience being on other vessels in the past but this was by far my best yachting experience.


      Captain Trevor handled the ship as if it were a dingy, not a ninety foot motor yacht. We were impressed with his knowledge and ability. Monica was an absolutely delightful, concerned and caring person. David was either washing down the boat or helping with the other tasks on board. He also concerned himself with our needs. Brennan afforded us some of the finest meals anyone could ask for. We even took some pictures of his culinary artwork. He was always ready to prepare anything we might want. Their courtesies were extended to us even during our little fishing trips in the tender. Whether it be baiting hooks, releasing fish that were caught, or even just taking my wife and I for an early evening cruise in the tender around the bay in Newport, they were always very accommodating.


    When we boarded "Blue Horizon III" we were all strangers to one another. We are now all good friends, We wish to thank you for the hospitality afforded us by your crew. As you know, the crew on any vessel can make the difference between a good cruise or a bad one. They truly are a "good investment."


    Yours truly ,


    Charles R. Mascali ("Beau")


    Barbra Streisand & James Brolin